Mediation Preparation

Preparing for mediation is not something everyone does.

Yet, in most cases they have walked out wishing they did. Because they didn’t know what to expect, how it would run and what they could do. This left them feeling railroaded, overwhelmed and caught off guard.

This is not ok! The outcome from a parenting or property mediation is huge. You are there to make an agreement about what happens with your kids or who gets what when it comes to your assets. Either way, something that makes a big impact for you and what happens in the future. Hence, it makes no sense if you go in unprepared.

Whether your mediation is about parenting or property doesn’t matter because, the outcome will determine what you can do moving forward. Remember, you wouldn’t walk into a job interview unprepared so don’t go into a mediation unprepared. You have a lot more riding on it.

To get started all you need to do is find a time that suits below.

Mediation Services

Mediation Preparation

120 Mins
Total Amount
AU$ 350